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Michel Dumontier, Ph.D.

Michel Dumontier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Medicine
Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research
Stanford University

 Adjunct Professor, Department of Biology, Carleton University
 Département d’informatique et de génie logiciel, Université Laval

Dr. Michel Dumontier is an Associate Professor of Medicine at Stanford University in the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research. Previously, he was an Associate Professor of Biology (Bioinformatics) Carleton University in the Department of Biology, the Institute of Biochemistry and School of Computer Science. His research aims to improve our ability to represent and reason about biomedical knowledge, from experimental data to general textbook knowledge, towards building predictive systems for personalized medicine. Dr. Dumontier is an expert in developing and applying Semantic Web technologies in the biomedical and life sciences and currently serves as a co-chair for the World Wide Web Consortium Semantic Web in Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (W3C HCLSIG). With over 50 research publications in workshops, conferences, and journals, his innovative research is developing exciting opportunities towards pharmacogenomic based knowledge discovery.

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Graduate Students
Alison Callahan PhD Biology Knowledge Discovery from Natural Language
Jose Miguel Cruz-Toledo PhD Biology Aptamer Prediction
Tanya Hiebert MSc Biology Drug repositioning
Gordana Lenert
MSc Biology Pharmacogenomics
Glen Newton
MSc Biology Large Scale Text Search and Visualization
Marc-Alexandre Nolin
PhD CS Biological Knowledge Discovery

Alumni Graduate Students
  • Dana Klassen. MSc (Biology). 2012. Formal Representation of Toxicology Knowledge Towards Toxicity Prediction and Data Mining
  • Mykola Konyk. Masters in Computer Science. 2011. Framework for cell simulation and particle simulation plug-in.
  • Natalia Villanueva-Rosales. PhD (Computer Science). 2011. Formalizing Relational Databases as OWL Ontologies
  • Leonid Chepelev. PhD (Biology). 2011. A Semantically Enabled Framework for Small Molecule Metabolic Fate Prediction: the Web as a Biochemical Reactor.
  • Xueying Chen. PhD (Computer Science). 2011. Distributed Ontology Systems for OWL Ontologies with Large Number of Instances.
Undergraduate Students
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Hala Al-HafezAptamer BiotechnologyBIOL4908
Holly SurinsDrug-Drug InteractionsBIOL4908
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1 NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award
2 Carleton University Summer Undergraduate Research Internship

Collaborators James Cheetham (Synaptic Signalling), Frank Dehne (HPC), Leo Ferres (Statistical Graphs), Daniel Figeys (PTM prediction), Ashkan Golshani (Yeast Bioinformatics), Jim Green (Hardware Acceleration), Warren Gross (Cell Simulation), Christopher Hogue (Small Molecule Biochemistry), Iain Lambert (Toxicogenomics), Paul White (Toxicogenomics), Carole Yauk (Toxicogenomics), Myron Smith (Yeast Bioinformatics), Gabriel Wainer (Cellular process simulation), Bill Willmore (Hypoxia pathways)