Our research aims to understand the manner in which living systems respond to chemical agents. We are particularly interested in understanding how the response to chemical exposure is affected by genetic and environmental factors and how this translates into altered capabilities at the molecular level. Our research interests include:

  • elucidating the mechanism of drug action
  • investigating the role of small molecules in cell regulation
  • repositioning drugs to treat rare and complex disorders
  • understanding the contribution of metabolic products to drug toxicity
  • devising more effective combinations of drugs


We develop semantic technologies to make sense out of the vast amounts of existing biomedical and clinical data. We build a biomedical knowledge graph using Semantic Web technologies, including the Web Ontology Language (OWL) to build ontologies, and the Resource Description Framework (RDF) to build Linked Data. Our research interests include:

  • the representation and publication of biomedical and clinical data
  • the discovery and on-demand use of biomedical data and services
  • the formulation, discovery and evaluation of scientific hypotheses.
  • the simulation of biological systems at the level of individual molecules


We develop community standards to make it easier to navigate the knowledge landscape. We work with the following organizations:

  • Michel Dumontier

    Michel Dumontier

    Distinguished Professor

  • Amrapali Zaveri

    Amrapali Zaveri

    Postdoctoral researcher

  • Shima Dastgheib

    Shima Dastgheib

    Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Sandeep Ayyar

    Sandeep Ayyar

    Master's student

  • Mor Peleg

    Mor Peleg

    visiting researcher

  • Evan Minty

    Evan Minty

    Master's student
    Sep 2013 - Jun 2014

  • Maulik Kamdar

    Maulik Kamdar

    PhD Student
    Sep 2014 - Dec 2014

  • Tobias Kuhn

    Tobias Kuhn

    Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher
    Jan 2015 - Apr 2015

  • Vladimir Choi

    Vladimir Choi

    Visiting Graduate Researcher
    Feb 2015 - May 2015

  • Hansmeet Singh

    Hansmeet Singh

    Visiting Undergraduate Researcher
    May 2015 - Aug 2015

  • Wei Hu

    Wei Hu

    Visiting Researcher
    Sep 2014 - Sep 2015

  • David Fajardo-Ortiz

    David Fajardo-Ortiz

    Visiting Graduate Student
    Nov 2015 - Dec 2015

  • Jan Kralj

    Jan Kralj

    Visiting Graduate Researcher
    Oct 2015 - Dec 2015

  • Juan M. Banda

    Juan M. Banda

    Oct 2014 - Jan 2016

  • Maryam Panahiazar

    Maryam Panahiazar

    Postdoctoral researcher
    Feb 2015 - Feb 2016

  • David Odgers

    David Odgers

    Master's Student
    Sep 2013 - Jun 2016

  • Maxime Déraspe

    Maxime Déraspe

    Visiting Graduate Researcher
    Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

  • Ruben Verborgh

    Ruben Verborgh

    Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher
    Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

  • Shengtian Sang

    Shengtian Sang

    Visiting Graduate Researcher
    Oct 2015 - Oct 2016

  • Remzi Celebi

    Remzi Celebi

    Visiting Graduate Researcher
    Dec 2015 - Dec 2016

  • NIH
  • GSK
  • Maastricht University
  • Stanford University
  • CFI
  • Health Canada
  • Ontario
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